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Hey everybody (the few of you who read this!)
I’ve recently bought a new domain and I’m currently in the process of transferring everything over to my new server… so this explains the lack of posts lately, I’ve been quite busy assembling the new site! Please stay tuned for more info!

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If this is indeed true, then the gods of cinema are GOOD!

The other day I wrote a post about 25 actors I would pay to see. Well, of those 25, there’s rumoured to be some exciting collaborations!

Ryan Gosling, Elijah Wood and Cillian Murphy have been reportedly tapped for the filming of The Mechanic, a remake of the Charles Bronson classic of the same name. Wow, that’s like a hat trick for the film world. That’s like Kovalev, Komisarek and Kostitsyn right? (Um, no. Those are just the names of three hockey players. A hat trick is three goals, duhh). Oh. Anyways, three in one is my kind of fun!

Speaking of hot collabos, let’s take a look at a few of my other notable unions in theaters this year:

Public Enemies: This one’s already been established as the big poppa of popcorn partnerships – Christian Bale and Johnny Depp, the ultimate on-screen duo. I don’t want to jinx it by being overly-excited, but damn it, I’m so excited (can I really hide it?) I still can’t find the trailer anywhere though…

Star Trek: Zachary Quinto and John Cho, and for a little six-degree of separation, John Cho is playing Hikaru Sulu, a role immortalized by George Takei, who actually starred in Heroes which is home to Zachary Quinto! Cool beans!

Year One: Laugh attacks are pretty much in the sac with Michael Cera and Jack Black, who take you back in time, Fred Flinstone-style. I’m banking on this one to be a box-office hit – the trailer’s already promising a gay old time!

Che: Benicio del Toro and Santiago Cabrera are currently in theaters with this four-hour intermission-required film experience. BdT won the Cannes award for best actor, and Santi-C gets my award for best-looking actor in a historical/war drama about Che Guevara.

And there’s ongoing talk about The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, starring Heath Leger with Johnny Depp filling in…but I have to wait til my sources (google) deliver more on that fact front.

So that’s pretty much it for now…yup, dream team supreme for the screen!

I saw Hot Rod last week, and I was actually quite surprised that I laughed. I mean, I didn’t just laugh, I bursted out laughing. I’m not saying it was a good movie, because technically, it isn’t… but there are some hilarious scenes! Below are my two favorites. I’m posting them here, because today was a crappy day… and one of my remedies for times like these are funny videos. These were instant mood-boosters!

Gotta love that Andy Samberg. I like to think he’s the man who revived SNL. Jorma Taccone is awesome too!

I haven’t seen any new movies lately, so I’ll review one I saw a while ago that I just never got around to writing about. And since this movie didn’t fare as well as expected at the box office, chances are many of you have been missing out.

seven pounds movie poster

Seven Pounds is a film unlike any I’ve seen in a long time. It follows the journey of a man named Ben Thomas (Will Smith) who’s on a mission to change the lives of seven strangers. But not just any group of seven; he’s interested only in those truly in need, are noble and not likely to take his gifts for granted. Because you see, he isn’t on a mission to dole out donations, but to drastically alter the circumstances of these individuals.

Ben’s existence is seeped in mystery and the questions dart forth from the very beginning. For example, why is he trying to change lives? Why does he hole himself up in a lowly motel room? Why is he avoiding his brother? And what deal did he make with his best friend? His character is a complex one; serious, mysterious, strange and saintly. Smith skillfully plays his part – a man troubled by personal demons, whose emotional inferno is carefully concealed by a placid exterior.  His motives are initially unclear and figuring him out is like solving a Sudoku puzzle, on level hard.

will-and-rosario-2That difficult task is left up to Rosario Dawson, whose stunning presence is a seduction of the senses. She glows with an angelic radiance that highlights an otherwise morose and gloomy film. The chemistry between Smith and Dawson entirely anchors the film’s emotional angle, lending reasonable credibility to the movie’s central conflicts. Credible, however unrealistic. If it seems I’m being overly vague about the important details, there’s a reason for it.

will-and-rosario6I read in another review that this movie is best viewed without prior knowledge of the film, and I completely agree. It’s better to go in knowing as little as possible so you can submit yourself to the films surprises. Mind you, these “surprises” may be predictable to saavier viewers. Admittedly, I was able to guess the ending halfway through the film. (Ok, so being saavy has nothing to do with it!) But even as the climax approaches the viewer’s line of vision long before it arrives, the emotional impact is still unexpected. And that’s the strength of this movie.

But it is far from perfect. Employing a slow place, somber mood and non-linear trajectory, the film draws us in, while keeping us at a safe distance – like a magician urging us to stay back while insisting we pay close attention. That divide between viewer and viewed may induce restlessness and even frustration because we don’t feel truly involved; we’re merely spectators blindly navigating an aimless maze.

In the end however, there lies a greater message. And if you can forgive the preachiness, sometimes tediousness and even – dare I say – weirdness of the whole film, there’s a powerful commentary on the gift of life, of selflessness and sacrifice. If you think too hard about the small details you’ll invariably get confused – but if you let yourself feel the emotional weight of the film, your heart will thank you for it.

christian-bale-cp-52137472I’m happy to report that my imaginary relationship with Christian Bale is “on again”, after that little meltdown incident that left me doubting his sanity a few days ago. He has issued an apology, and it’s not one of those contrived PR statements – no, it’s the real deal, it’s his voice and what I believe to be, his genuine sentiments. Of course, he has to save face you know, after all, the success of Terminator depends largely on his likeability as a person and an actor, and unfortunately he’s had some bad press lately. It’s all too ironic.

His relatively low-key life changed after he donned that fateful cape. After years of toiling away from the spotlight, he’s finally received the recognition he deserves. But now it seems he’s a household name for all the wrong reasons.

The public seems to know more about his volatile temperament than his laudable accomplishments.  I guess the media has a way of shaping people, of creating whole identities out of isolated incidents. And collectively, consumers can be easily convinced.  Sweeping statements about his anger issues are now the focal point of this man’s impressive career, and little regard is given to the sacrifices he’s made to get here.

Here’s a man who keeps it real. He’s no prima donna, there’s no false pretense, he knows he was in the wrong and he’s sorry. Call me naive, but I believe him. And seriously folks, how can one not forgive  a man with such a bad-ass accent?

Here’s the official apology/explanation/statement/excuse to hear his great English mannerisms:


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