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Christian Bale Blew It

Posted on: February 5, 2009

christian-bale-22I click on the Youtube “video” tab as I always do when I want to check out the latest viral “it” vid, and what’s the popular item at the moment? Christian Bale’s ballistic outburst – yes, the one where he’s NOT acting, but screaming and cursing like a little bitch. There I said it, I can’t believe it. I mean, I stood by and defended him against all the abuse allegations, because I refused to believe it and because I was so hopelessly enamoured with his acting ability and superstar street credibility. Not to mention that deliriously handsome mug of his. But this, this self-righteous lunatic-afflicted verbal lashing is just way out of line. Way out of line. For real man… a simple “Hey assh-le, stop trashing my F-ing scene!” would’ve sufficed…but no, he had to excessively deplore, decry and deride the poor dude! I mean geez…holy semantics batman!

Anyhoo, anyhoo…so I’m just gonna go ahead and post the Terminator trailer here.

What, was this whole tirade supposed to lead to a Bale-fest boycott?? Heck no! I still intend to watch this movie. Yes, the legit way. Love you CB – hate your misery!


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