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Dance Flick

Posted on: February 5, 2009

It’s not often that I get excited about a Wayans’ bros film, I simply smirk, roll my eyes and figure “oh great, ANOTHER one…”. Mind you, I do consider myself a big fan of the brothers, just not a follower of their films. Let’s face it, they’ve been lame as of late. Wait, let me just backtrack and say that I did enjoy White Chicks, I did. Even though Roger Ebert declared it the “worst movie” of that year. I guess he wasn’t the target market.

While I don’t foresee any Oscars coming their way, I’m predicting a sort of Wayan’s world revival. Enter “Dance Flick” the new movie opening later this summer. It’s a parody of all those cheesy dance movies (Step Up, Save the Last Dance, You Got Served, etc…), the ones so hugely popular amongst the teen demographic, with the terrible writing, useless plots and pretty faces. It’s a pretty easy formula to parodize.  I have high hopes for this film, because my ratio of chuckles to eye roll was about 3:1 for the trailer! High hopes folks!



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