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Joe Jonas Floats My Boat

Posted on: February 6, 2009

joe-jonas6Okay, this is not something I publicly admit (in RL), but if I had a boat, Joe Jonas would be the water – or the element that enables said boat to stay afloat.  I know that’s not cool. Because you know, he’s Joe…Jonas. Not Joe Black, or even Joe Sixpack… “he’s like Mickey Mouse!” my detractors have retorted, “He’s just a kid, a Disney character!”  Hmm. I see. I see the argument there, and it’s convinced me that my infatuation with the metro-bro is a bit… embarassing. So I’ll just go ahead and lie and say that I was just joking about the whole thing. Really, I was. No really.


Okay, but do YOU have a movie coming out, in 3D?? No, didn’t think so, but  Joe Jonas does! (Oh, his brothers are in it too). Yeah, apparently the concert that had me screaming, is now burning up the screen! “So what are you saying? You’re gonna go watch this thing?” No… No! But that won’t stop me from replaying the trailer over and over until my speakers explode!

My apologies to family, friends, co-workers, neighbours or anyone remotely linked to me who might feel shamed by association. Thanks. Please don’t be concerned.



1 Response to "Joe Jonas Floats My Boat"

the jonas brothers are okay!
not great but ok.

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