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Christian Bale Apology – Accepted!

Posted on: February 7, 2009

christian-bale-cp-52137472I’m happy to report that my imaginary relationship with Christian Bale is “on again”, after that little meltdown incident that left me doubting his sanity a few days ago. He has issued an apology, and it’s not one of those contrived PR statements – no, it’s the real deal, it’s his voice and what I believe to be, his genuine sentiments. Of course, he has to save face you know, after all, the success of Terminator depends largely on his likeability as a person and an actor, and unfortunately he’s had some bad press lately. It’s all too ironic.

His relatively low-key life changed after he donned that fateful cape. After years of toiling away from the spotlight, he’s finally received the recognition he deserves. But now it seems he’s a household name for all the wrong reasons.

The public seems to know more about his volatile temperament than his laudable accomplishments.  I guess the media has a way of shaping people, of creating whole identities out of isolated incidents. And collectively, consumers can be easily convinced.  Sweeping statements about his anger issues are now the focal point of this man’s impressive career, and little regard is given to the sacrifices he’s made to get here.

Here’s a man who keeps it real. He’s no prima donna, there’s no false pretense, he knows he was in the wrong and he’s sorry. Call me naive, but I believe him. And seriously folks, how can one not forgive  a man with such a bad-ass accent?

Here’s the official apology/explanation/statement/excuse to hear his great English mannerisms:



3 Responses to "Christian Bale Apology – Accepted!"

You’re just being bias because your in love with the guy.

Haha! James, I’m afraid you are absolutely right…

Well I must say you suck! But I will however continue reading your silly blogs just so I can study all the many ways you like to rant endlessly about Christian bale.

Does he not have a fabulous ass?

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