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Sinoun is an entertainment writer based in Montreal, Canada. When she is not writing about movies, she enjoys watchings them. When there aren’t any good movies to watch, she spends her time watching movie trailers, anticipating all the great arrivals. Of course, she does more than just that. Apart from leisure time with friends, she actually does work for a living. However, the dream is to escape the cubicle world in order to spend her days doing what she really loves. Eating. And writing. And watching movies. And exploring other areas of interests. 🙂


4 Responses to "About"

Cool blog Sin! I want to see more!

lol thanks Zac 🙂
I’ll keep posting just for you!

well to echo Zac’s comments about 5months ago, it is a cool blog sin! 🙂

Sweet – didn’t know you had a blog !!

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