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jdvscb-copycropped.jpgCost for filming the caped crusader fight crime alongside his scissor-swivelling sidekick: A billion dollars. Pairing their respective alter-egos, Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in a movie – ANY movie? Genius. I mean, priceless. It seems like Hollywood’s finest minds have finally converged to produce this marvelous idea. Well, the latter idea that is.

According to various sources such as, the two are set to star in the onscreen adaptation of Brian Burrough’s “Public Enemies”, about the downfall of the notorious depression-era delinquents John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd.  Johnny Depp is slated to play John Dillinger, with Christian Bale on his trail as FBI agent Melvin Purvis.  I’m going to go on record right now and proclaim this the greatest cinematic pairing in Hollywood history. This is to movies what the Moonwalk is to music; it’s history-defining.

Of course, it only begs the question, “Why hadn’t anyone thought of this earlier?” There’s never been a more logical on-screen combination. Both actors are arguably among the more revered of Tinsel-town’s leading men. Both consistently deliver praise-worthy performances, often in edgier, complicated roles; both exude a subdued superstar quality combining cult-hero cool with mainstream magnetism. And both, in their own undefinable manner are just downright desirable. (Although I’m leaning more towards Christian Bale on this one!)

I honestly don’t think it can get any better than this. I mean, this duo alone outdoes the entire Ocean’s ensemble. (Hey, I don’t mind seeing Brad, George et. al onscreen, but that’s been done three times already!) Not to mention, the supporting cast for ‘Enemies’ includes Stephen Dorff (over whom I swooned during the Aerosmith-era), Giovanni Ribisi, Channing Tatum, Jason Clark and the the beautiful best actress Oscar winner, Marion Cotillard to smooth out the ruggedly resplendent roster.

The fate of the film lies at the helm of director Michael Mann, but with such immense talent at his disposal, this ingenius idea is guaranteed to be virtually fail-proof. However, if that doesn’t work, there’s always the batman/scissorhands storyline!